2023-2024 Board of Directors

President: Samantha Upshaw

VP of Membership: Allison Griesel

Secretary: Jadine Semanske  and Jodi Gaertner

Treasurer: Eric Lynn and Misty Green

2022-2023 Committee Chairs

Legislative Chair: OPEN

Emergency Prep Chair: OPEN

Fundraising Chair: OPEN

Staff Appreciation Chair: Vickie and Renee

After School Programs Chair: OPEN

Awards Chair: OPEN

Communications/Webmaster Chair: Misty Green

DEI Chair:

Family & Community Engagement Chair:

Family Assistance Chair: OPEN

Health Screening Coordinator: OPEN

Emergency Prep Chair: OPEN
Fundraising Chair: OPEN
LWSF Ambassador: OPEN

Reflections Chair: Randi and Bipra 

Spelling Bee Chair: Taran Arneja

Studio East at KaMS Producer: OPEN

2022-2023 Liaisons-Advisers

Special Education Liaison: OPEN

GEAC Liaison: OPEN

Frost Liaison: OPEN

Keller Liaison: Eric Lynn

Muir Liaison: OPEN

Juanita HS Liaison: Misty Green and Sonya Saar

Staff Liaison: OPEN

Principal: Tim Patterson

ASB Liaison: TBA