VOLUNTEER at Kamiakin Middle School

Whenever we have opportunities to volunteer for a school sponsored activity we'll post the SignupGenius Link here.

End of School Volunteers Needed


No matter how much time you do or don't have, if you want to volunteer we have a spot for you!  Below are descriptions of the volunteer opportunities available at Kamiakin Middle School.  After you find a spot that seems like a good fit let us know by filling out the Volunteer Form using the button on the right.  If you'd like to get more information about any opportunity, please feel free to email us at president@kamspta.onmicrosoft.com


All volunteers need to be approved by the Lake Washington School District.  It's an online process and you will receive an email with your approval usually within 2 days.  The approval is good for 2 years.

District Volunteer Approval Application

Volunteer Opportunities

After School Programs

Typically 2 people but could be more.  They determine what students are interested in doing after school and find vendors to provide those activities.   They contract vendors, sign kids up and arrange for space and chaperones.


Typically 3 people, responsible for the JHS Scholarship and the end of year staff and volunteer awards. They send out applications for the JHS Scholarship through the JHS Counseling office and then review the applications to determine the scholarship recipient.  They send out nomination forms to the Kamiakin community and determine award recipients. They plan an end of year award ceremony. 


Typically 1 person.  They would make sure our Facebook page is current, work with the Kamiakin webmaster and the PTA Webmaster to include PTA events on the websites.  They help any board members get announcements to the PTA membership and Kamiakin community.

Counselor's Closet

Typically 1-2 people.  They work with the Kamiakin counselors to provide essentials to students who need them using a PTA budget amount.

Emergency Prep

Typically 1-2 people.  They work with Kamiakin administrators to maintain the emergency supplies and buy supplies as needed with a PTA budget amount.  They help Kamiakin administrators train staff and student in emergency procedures.

Family and Community Engagement

Typically 1-2 chairs and 5-6 volunteers.  They determine what events our Kamiakin community would want and need, and then plan them, usually 3-4 per year.  Past events include an International Night, Bingo Night, STEAM Night in conjunction with KaMS staff, Parent Education evenings, etc.

Health Screening Coordinator

Typically 1 person.  They work with the nurses to organize the space for the screening and to gather volunteers.

Legislative Advocacy

Typically 1 person.  They work with the LWSD Council PTA and Washington State PTA to find out about current issues affecting children and schools and help the KaMS community know what they can do to influence legislators on these issues.


1 each for Frost El, Muir El, Keller El, JHS HS, Special Needs and GEAC.  They keep the KaMS PTA Board apprised of events and concerns from the various groups they represent.

LWSF Ambassador

Typically 1 person.  They are the interface between the Lake Washington Schools Foundation and the KaMS PTA board.

Reflections Chair

Typically 1-2 people.  They promote the district Reflections contest at KaMS and collect submissions to pass on to the district.  They keep the KaMS PTA board and KaMS community informed about Kamiakin student entries.

Spelling Bee

Typically 1 chair and 5-6 volunteers.  They promote and conduct the classroom spelling Bees and the all school Bee.

Staff Appreciation

Typically 1-2 chairs and many volunteers.  They plan monthly or every other month staff appreciation events.  There have been lunches, treats, letter campaigns and gift cards.  Be creative!

Studio East at KaMS

Typically 1-2 producers.  This is all about the registration, rehearsals and performances.  The Studio provides the directors, script, costumes and set.  The producer(s) and actor's parents handle ticketing, chaperoning, concessions, setting up chairs, etc.


Typically 1-2 people.  They keep the website current using tools provided by Member Planet.

Catch-All Committee

As many as possible.  They get notified when miscellaneous opportunities to volunteer come up, such as vision and health screening, laptop rollout and turn-in, picture day, etc.