Good day Families!  

Kamiakin PTA is looking forward to the 2022-2023 school year and would love to have you/your family join us. Our PTA is about families working together toward a common goal, to partner with Kamiakin staff and teachers to enhance the positive learning experience for our students so everyone can achieve their best work! 

Volunteering doesn’t mean overwhelming time commitment. With KaMS PTA you can volunteer as frequently as your own time allows. Even an hour every month makes a HUGE difference. Research studies have shown family involvement in their school helps to support not only your own student but the student and staff community success as a whole. 

Along with your membership, please consider making an additional donation as well to the PTA as this money goes towards supporting our school, student needs and education community!  

Please join us easily at this address: Join Today!

2022-2023 open KaMS PTA Board positions and their descriptions

  • President Leads the PTA towards specific goals chosen by the members; helps sets the vision for the PTA; appoints committee and event chairs; works closely with the Principal; creates agendas for and presides at Executive Board and General meetings; works with the treasurer and executive board on developing and implementing budget; attends monthly Council meeting, serves as ex-officio member of all committees; trouble-shoots in all areas of PTA/school involvement.
  • Vice President - Membership Oversees Events and Activities; Partners with the President in fulfilling duties; supports membership and recruitment duties 
  • Secretary - Keeps and prepares minutes of all meetings. 
  • Treasurer - Keeps financial books in order, receives all payment vouchers and writes all checks for payment of bills; receives all cash and other income and makes bank deposits; chairs the budget committee; remits PTA membership dues and other fees to the PTA council; makes a monthly financial report; keeps the membership informed of all items relating to the PTA finances; works closely with the President and other event chairs; prepares books for semi-annual audit. 

Contact our board at the below email address if you are interested in any of our core open Board positions.  



Kamiakin Middle School PTA is home to teachers, parents and students working to make a positive impact in the lives of our children.

The mission of the Kamiakin PTA is to support and advocate for students by:

  • Actively collaborating with the administration
  • Enriching the learning environment, and
  • Strengthening connections between home, school, and community.

Kamiakin Middle School Website: KaMS Website